Tenant Information


RENT is due on the 1st day of the month. We provide a 5 day waive period. We will consider any checks received in our mailbox by 8:30am on the 6th day of the month ON TIME. Any check submitted after 8:30am on the 6th is considered late and Late Fees will apply. 

You may pay your rent in person at our UPS office box via personal check, certified check, cashier's check, or money order. NO CASH.

You may mail your check to our UPS office box, but note that if we receive the check after the 5th, it will be considered late. No exceptions for holidays or weekends.

You may sign up for Automatic Withdrawal anytime for rent to come out of your bank account on the 1st day of the month ONLY.



Place  your TRASH CANS on the curb on trash day. Pull them in after collection. You can check your City website to find out your collection day.


Test your SMOKE DETECTORS once a month & change batteries as necessary.


Change AC FILTERS every 3 months.

Please keep your APPLIANCES clean, especially the oven. Most ovens have a self clean setting. Please operate self clean on a regular basis to keep the oven from getting too dirty.


LAWN CARE & CLEAN GUTTERS are the responsibility of the tenant.


PESTS EXTERMINATION is the responsibility of the tenant.


Do not pour grease, oils, fats, fibrous foods, pasta, rice, bones, or non-food items into the GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Always run cold water when operating disposal. If disposal stops working, look for a reset button under the sink on the disposal housing. Press the button. Also check for items or food that may be stuck in the disposal. If neither action resolves the problem, call the office for a maintenance request. If non-food items or food that is not made for the disposal is found to be the cause, the tenant will be billed for the maintenance charge.


DO NOT put wipes, feminine products, paper towels, or heavy amounts of toilet paper into the TOILETS. Any of these items pulled from the toilet during a plumbing maintenance call will be billed back to the tenant.


If a NON-EMERGENCY maintenance issue should arise, please call the office or send an email to start a maintenance request.


If an EMERGENCY issue should arise after hours, on a weekend, or a holiday, please first DAIL 911 for life threatening issues! An emergency is a situation involving fire, flood, gushing water from a burst pipe, roof collapse, or any hazardous/dangerous condition. In this case please call the office number and leave a voicemail with contact information. The voicemail will generate an email to the Property Manager and they will provide you with assistance as soon as possible.  


If you are going to be on vacation, deployment, or away for any reason for longer than 2 weeks time, please notify the office. We will need to monitor the property while you are away or you will need a friend or family member to check on the property for you.


Always make sure that in the WINTERTIME the heat is ON and set to a minimum of 50 degrees! If heat is left OFF, the pipes could freeze causing very costly and extensive damages that will be the responsibility of the tenant!


In the SUMMERTIME during very hot days, 85-90+, your HVAC unit will typically not cool the house any colder than 70-76 degrees. DO NOT set the thermostat lower than 70! Doing so will cause the HVAC system to work too hard and could cause it to freeze over and/or stop working completely.